Thomas Murray – Quandongs 40cm


Feature fabric design based on an original artwork by Aboriginal artist Thomas Yamangara Murray and printed in Australia.

Thomas created this artwork for Papulankutja Artists, an Aboriginal owned non-profit art centre located in Papulankutja (Blackstone), a remote community in the Western Desert in WA. Thomas is represented by Ninuku Arts.

The fabric design was licensed to Flying Fox Fabrics through Papulankutja Artists.

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  • Size: Cushion cover: 40 x 40 cm (16 x 16 inches)
  • Fabric: Linen/cotton (front) and cotton (back)
  • Story tag (as shown) provided with each cover
  • Colour: As shown. The reverse is black and closure is invisible zipper.

Thomas has painted mangata (Santalum acuminatum), the fruit of a small tree that is Indigenous to arid and semi-arid Australia. They have a hard round seed surrounded by a fruit that is bright red when ripe. The fruit is extremely high in vitamins and can be eaten straight off the tree or made into cakes for later use. The large, oily kernels can be crushed to make an all-natural hair conditioner or a powerful medicine to treat bruises and skin conditions. Emus are very fond of quandongs, as are feral camels which is now impacting populations.

The mangata have fallen off the tree and lie amongst the spinifex grass. Thomas created this artwork whilst camping at the ‘sorry camp’ in Mantamaru.

Made from fabric digitally printed in Australia by Next State Print in Melbourne.

Cushion made by Mrs Pichreay as a fair trade project in Cambodia by Flying Fox Fabrics.

The artist is paid royalties for every metre printed.


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