social enterprise + cross-cultural collaborations

Beautiful things ethically hand-made from textiles in Indigenous Australia + Cambodia

We love. We make. We collaborate. We promote. We share.

We love all things textiles. Fabric. Fibre. Weaving. Especially hand-made, hand-printed and/or hand-dyed fabrics.

We make accessories, clothing and homewares from hand-made, hand-designed and vintage/recycled fabrics from around the world.

We collaborate with partners – ethical artisans and artists in Australia and Cambodia to make the beautiful products.

We promote authentic textiles and fair trade fabric products.  We turn customers on to the joy of supporting ethical fashion and design creatives.

We share stories about what we and other talented and caring artisans, creatives and businesses are doing. There are wonderful things happening in the ethical clothing and design space and they deserve encouragement and support. We foster cooperation not competition.

Ethical Business

Fair trade and ethical business is win-win. Good for the producers and good for customers. Read here to learn about the positive social impacts that Flying Fox Fabrics creates.

Katra Nganjmirra and Sylvia Badari printing ‘Many Cheeky Dog’s at Injalak Arts 2017