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Clothing and more made from ATSI hand printed fabrics

In addition to Flying fox Fabrics there are a handful of other dynamic social enterprises creating clothing,  accessories and homewares from art centre fabric. They have each contributed to greater awareness and availability of ATSI hand printed fabrics. Whilst printed fabric is beautiful in its raw state, it’s a joy to see it being worn and used in daily life. In my experience the artists/designers are very proud of their designs and feel joy when they see someone using/wearing them with respect. For the artists it is a vindication of their talent and their culture.

If you are curious to see some of the wonderful things being made (and available) follow these links for clothingPublisher TextilesMagpie GooseaccessoriesOoroo and homewaresKoskelaWillie Weston, and Publisher Textiles.

Ininti at Muruntji fabric design by Virgillia Multa From Ikuntji Artists, dress and fabric printed and made by Publisher Textiles


Some art centres have entered into partnerships to either print offsite or license their designs. 2019 saw the launch of a collaboration between Mangkaja Arts and fashion brand Gorman where paintings by elders were reproduced on fabric. In 2020 Babbarra Designs launched a partnership with Kip and Co to create beautiful homewares.

Are there examples we’ve missed? Let us know via contact us.

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