Frocks & more

How the fabrics are creatively used

Handprinted Indigenous fabrics have been seen in all the best places. The support of high profile Northern Territorians (a Territory in Australia) has been a key factor in promoting their existence and making the beauty and versatility of the designs more apparent. Examples include: Senator Nova Peris wearing a suit made from silk printed with Gabriel Maralngurra’s Brolga design for her maiden speech; Kristy O’Brien greeting the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall wearing frocks with a range of different fabric designs from Injalak Arts and Merrepen Arts; and the Northern Territory Administrator Hon Vicki O’Halloran who has a stunning wardrobe.

HRH Prince of Wales meets Chief Minister Michael Gunner and NT First Lady Kristy O’Brien wearing Eva Nganjmirra’s Mandem (water lily) design on silk from Injalak Arts.

Recent happenings in support of ATSI hand printed fabrics

There has been a steady drum beat of support for Indigenous fabric design through the work of art centre staff and also external stakeholders. Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation has championed Indigenous designed fabrics through its Country to Couture showcase each year since 2016 as part of its August festival. Art centres and artists have collaborated with designers to create gorgeous clothing. Grace Lillian Lee has been Creative Director since 2017 and her work is outstanding. This year publicity reached new heights generating awareness across the country. See this video for Injalak Arts’ first runway collection that Flick facilitated with Black Cat Couture in 2017.  See highlights from the 2019 event featured by Vogue here.

Injalak Arts collection for Country to Couture in 2018 was a collaboration with Black Cat Couture. All the fabric was hand-printed in Gunbalanya by members. Injalak Arts has an online Etsy store with a beautiful range of fabrics for sale.
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