Gabriella Baxter – Poinciana Pods 40 cm


The large, long seed pods of the Poinciana tree were the inspiration for this design.

Square cushion cover with hand printed fabric on front. Invisible zip closure

Fabric designer: Gabriella Baxter from Nagula Jarndu in Broome, Western Australia. The fabric was hand printed in Sydney.

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Fabric: printed linen (front) and unprinted cotton (back)
Color: the base cloth is birch, a neutral off-white color, and the inks are black, light brown ochre and yellow-cream. The back of the cushion is black.

Purchasing items made from hand-printed fabric supports Aboriginal artists (who get a royalty) and also creates a livelihood for the printers and sewers.
Please note that each cushion is unique and the placement of the design is different and wonderful on each item. The fabric was made into cushion covers by Mrs Pichreay our fair trade partner in Cambodia.

Gabriella is a Walmajarri woman, from Fitzroy Crossing.

Gabby is one of Nagula Jarndu’s youngest artists. She has participated in several Nagula Jarndu exhibitions in Broome and her work has featured at previous Darwin Aboriginal Art Fairs and Revealed Exhibitions in Fremantle.

Her work consists of abstract designs that describe her grandmother’s country and is a tribute to her ancestral home lands, the Great Sandy Desert.

Art Centre: Nagula Jarndu

Yawuru Jarndu Aboriginal Corporation – trading as Nagula Jarndu (Saltwater Woman) is a Not for Profit incorporated body with a membership of 70 Indigenous women and is governed by 8 Yawuru women Directors.
Yawuru Jarndu first started operating in 1987 when it was established as an Indigenous women’s resource centre by Yawuru women, with the aim of recording oral history and preserving Yawuru language and culture.

The organisation evolved into an arts and textiles business, offering training in screen printing and dressmaking, producing fabrics for clothing and home wares, designed and made by local Indigenous artists. A retail outlet was established in 1998 called Nagula Jarndu Designs which proved a successful venture.

Fabric lengths can be purchased from the art centre website:


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