Roseranna Larry – Wirliyajarrayi 40cm


Feature fabric designed by Aboriginal artist Roseranna Larry and hand-printed in Australia.

Roseranna is a member of Ikuntji Artists, an Aboriginal owned non-profit art centre located in Haasts Bluff, Central Australia.

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  • Size: Cushion cover: 40 x 40 cm (16 x 16 inches)
  • Fabric: Cotton (front) and cotton (back)
  • Colour: Feature fabric base cloth is camel and the inks are white and black. The reverse is black. The photo of the fabric is the most colour accurate.
  • Closure is invisible zipper.

*Please note that each cushion is unique and the placement of the design is different and wonderful on each item.

This design by Roseranna Larry shows the ‘Wirliyajarrayi Story’.

This story was passed down to the artist from Old Lady Napaltjarri Morton.

The design shows the story of Janyanpartinya creek (Mount Campbell). The kingki/tjanpa and milarrpa watinki/ukurrukurru tjuta (boogey men and women) live near this creek.

The old ladies can sing the boogey men and women so that they come.

About the artist:

Roseranna Larry was born at Papunya in 1980. She is the Chairperson of Ikuntji Artists and an artist. She is the oldest daughter of painter Susie Lane, a Western Arrernte, Warlpiri, and Luritja woman from Haasts Bluff. Her father, Roy Wara Larry, was an important lawman, working with local Aboriginal people and non-Indigenous people. When Roseranna was two years old, her younger sister was born, and her family moved to Haasts Bluff. She grew up in Haasts Bluff, though she often travelled to Willowra and Mt Deniston to visit family.
On visits to Willowra, Roseranna grew up watching her grandmother, Old Lady Morton (her father’s auntie), paint. Old Lady Morton was an Anmatyerre and Warlpiri woman from Willowra. She taught Roseranna to paint and passed down the Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) she continues to paint today. In Haasts Bluff, Roseranna watched her other grandmother, Esther Napaltjarri Jugadai, an Arrernte, Luritja, and Warlpiri woman painting at home before there was an art centre. Esther taught her about painting and how to collect the native ininti seeds that are used for ceremonies.

Though she grew up watching and helping her grandmothers paint, it was not until 2017, when Old Lady Morton passed away, that she began painting her story on canvas with Ikuntji Artists. Roseranna is a devoted mother of eight children and many grandchildren, spending much of her time caring for them.
As a strong voice for the art centre and the community Roseranna has travelled extensively throughout Australia and Europe visiting Luritja collections in museums. Roseranna participated in photography workshops throughout 2017 and won the 2017 Desart Photography Prize. She had her artwork featured in Parrtjima – Festival in Light 2019 in Alice Springs. In 2017 and 2022, Roseranna developed different t-shirt and fabric designs and travelled to fashion shows to Europe with them.

Made from fabric hand screen printed in Australia by Publisher Textiles, Sydney.

Cushion made by Mrs Pichreay as a fair trade project in Cambodia by Flying Fox Fabrics.

The artist is paid royalties for every metre printed. The fabric is available from Ikuntji Artists website.


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