Anmanari Nolan – Kungkayunti 40cm


Feature fabric designed by Aboriginal artist Anmanari Napanangka Nolan and hand-printed in Australia.

Anmanari is a member of Ikuntji Artists, an Aboriginal owned non-profit art centre located in Haasts Bluff, Central Australia.

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  • Size: Cushion cover: 40 x 40 cm (16 x 16 inches)
  • Fabric: Tencel/Linen (front) and cotton (back)
  • Colour: Feature fabric base cloth is black and the inks are red and pink. The reverse is black.
  • Closure is invisible zipper.
  • Design story supplied with each cover

*Please note that each cushion is unique and the placement of the design is different and wonderful on each item.

Fabric design story: The artist’s birthplace is Edmond Bore, which is near Kungkayunti (Brown’s Bore) south of Ikuntji/Haasts Bluff. This painting shows the artist’s Tjukurrpa (Dreaming), Kungkayunti, the place where all the ancestral Arrernte women come to rest after travelling from Ntaria (Hermannsburg) to Kintore and past Kulpitarra (Outstation). There, they dance, share their stories and renew their law. The women turned into stone, where you still can see them today. Anmanari describes the tracks of all the women. Kungkayunti (women dancing) is the name of the place that the women first camped. They were on a journey, on their way to womens business.

About the artist:
Anmanari was born in 1938. Her father was from Lupul while her mother was from west of Lupul. Anmanari and her family travelled east in response to the drought and harsh conditions experienced throughout the district in the early 1940’s. On this journey east her family traveled with Tutuma Tjapanagarti’s family – Eunice Jack’s father, and a lifelong friendship was established between the two girls. Anmanari’s family stopped at the ration station at Ikuntji, set up by PastorAlbrecht of the Hermannsburg Mission. Anmanari was married to the Papunya Tula artist Lionel Kantawarra Tjupurrula, and it was through him that her interest in painting developed. Anmanari is a very powerful law woman who commands great respect within her community. She has been a member of the Ikuntji Art Centre for many years and is highly regarded for her painting skills. Her tjukurrpa is the mulpu, or bush mushroom. Predominant themes in Anmanari’s works are the Mulpu Tjukurrpa and the dancing women at Kungka Yunti, located south of Haasts Bluff.

Made from fabric hand screen printed in Australia by Publisher Textiles, Sydney.

Cushion made by Mrs Pichreay as a fair trade project in Cambodia by Flying Fox Fabrics.

The artist is paid royalties for every metre printed.


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