Cotton Throw Rug – Paddy Stewart – Yam & Tomato


Knitted 100% cotton throw rug,  generous size. A beautiful quality product that has a lovely soft texture. It also has weight and will give you warmth.

Ideal for use as a knee rug, a baby, a gift, to jazz up a couch or bed, anywhere that you want a touch of beauty. Wonderful as a gift.

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Size: 125 x 150 cm
Composition: 100% cotton – knitted
Colour: the photos are colour accurate, this is a lovely rug
Eco label has information about the artist and the design
Made in India – certified Fair Trade

Artist: Paddy Japaljarri Stewart (dec)

Design: Yam & Bush Tomato Dreaming

Royalty fees are paid to the artist’s family for every sale.

Design Story:

“This painting shows the Yam and Bush Tomato Dreamings. You can see the Yams and the small round berries of the Bush Tomatoes. The place associated with this Dreaming is west of Yuendumu. In the Dreamtine the people used to eat these fruits and vegetables, just as our old people lived off them. What I have painted here is the Dreamtime Yams and Bush Tomatoes. I painted them here for the children to see.”

Made by Better World Arts, an Australian social enterprise that is Fair Trade certified.

Better World Arts has been operating for over two decades. Our role models were Oxfam, Fred Hollows (the Fred Hollows Foundation) and Anita Roddick (The Body Shop).
We work with traditional artisans from remote regions in Kashmir, Peru, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Nepal (Tibetan refugees).
We work with Australian Aboriginal artists from remote communities across Australia, from Arnhem Land to Central and the Western Desert regions, from rural locations and from cities.


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