Jules Satchel – Bush Foods and Tracks (Printed in Oz)


Elegant and fastidiously detailed satchel/messenger bag with handle and adjustable cotton webbing shoulder strap that is a very comfortable for easy carrying. Ideal for laptops and more.
Inside the bag there are compartments with padding and a strap to secure the contents. Features fabric designed by First Nations artist Zeza (Noreen) Nampijinpa Egan, a Warlpiri artist from Yuendumu in Central Australia. Printed in Australia.

L: 37 cm (14.5 inches)
H: 26 cm (10 inches)
Depth: 8 cm (3 inches)

All our Jules bags are made by Flying Fox Fabrics and are limited edition.

Free shipping in Australia.

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This product is one of our best quality bags, beautifully finished (see close up photos for details) and secures your valuables well. The Jules satchels are stylish, our partner always chooses beautiful fabrics to coordinate with the print.


Fabric: The feature fabric is digitally printed in Australia on cotton drill. The contrasting fabrics are red cotton (outside) and purple cotton (inside).
Trims: The wooden trims are recycled Cambodian hardwood.
Webbing: cotton.
Size: Designed to hold a standard 13″ laptop and/or A4 files
Made by A.N.D. artisandesigner in Cambodia, a fair trade social enterprise, with fabric sourced in Australia.


  • Fully lined
  • Toggle closure
  • Adjustable strap, can be worn on the shoulder or cross body
  • Internal zip pocket
  • Two internal compartments, with cushioning
  • Quality notions
  • Limited edition – made in small batches in a disability workshop
  • Fabric story tag provided
  • Fabric design licensed exclusively to Flying Fox Fabrics
  • Feature fabric printed in Melbourne by Next State

The design: Yuendumu
Different Jukurrpa (ancestral creation stories) travelled and created country near Yuendumu and the tracks of the ancestors are shown in this artwork.
Wardapi (Varanus gouldii) the sand goanna makes small footprints and its swishing tail leaves a long sinuous line in the sand. They can reach lengths of 140 cm. Wardapi excavate large burrows but may also shelter in rock crevices or tree hollows.
Marlu (Osphranter rufus), the red kangaroo, leaves a long footprint and a tail mark as it hops. Marlu is the largest of all kangaroos.
Yankirri (Dromaius novaehollandiae) the emu has a distinctive V shaped print with a central toe. The emu is Australia’s tallest native bird.
A wild bush food found in Central Australia called wanakiji (solanum centrale) is shown in various stages of ripeness.

Zeza was born in 1959 and is an innovative artist with a superb sense of colour. She has been a member of Warlukurlangu Artists and also Ali Curung, both are Aboriginal owned art centres in Central Australia.

Flying Fox Fabrics Jules satchels are made by A.N.D artisandesigner Fair Trade, our partner based in Cambodia.

Please note that every bag is unique, and the placement of the fabric design may be different on each item.


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