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SILK Puli Puli by Keturah Zimran – gold and pink on burnt orange


Bold design hand screen-printed in subtle, gorgeous colors on quality Princess silk.

Designed by an Aboriginal artist living in Haasts Bluff in Central Australia. Made by Ikuntji Artists. Printed in Australia.

Free shipping in Australia.

  • Ink color: Metallic gold and pale pink
  • Base cloth color: Burnt orange. The close up images (with white paper) are the most color accurate.
  • Composition: Princess silk. This is a superb machine loomed dupion silk with sheen and good handle. Ideal for cocktail and formal wear.
  • Width: 137 cm (54 inches)
  • The artist is paid royalties for every metre printed.

NB: The photo of a model shows a dress in the same design to indicate scale. Thanks to Magpie Goose.

The artist: Keturah Zimran

The design: Puli Puli (Rocks)
Keturah depicts the puli puli (rocks) at two different sites. She paints the landscapes at Haasts Bluff where she grew up and also at Karrkurrutintja (Lake McDonald in Pintupi), located west of Kintore along the WA/NT border. Karrkurrutintja country is an important site of the Pilkati (snake) Tjukurrpa (dreaming) of Kaniya Kutjarra (two carpet snakes, two brothers, two Tjangalas).

This story was passed down to her from her grandmother, Narputta Nangala Jugadai, who was born there. Narputta was passed down this story from her father, Talaku Tjampitjinpa. Both Keturah’s grandmother and mother, Molly Jugadai painted this same country. Keturah has been inspired by the painting legacy and tutorage from her grandmother and mother, though has developed a distinctive style over her practice. Keturah uses different colours and hues to depict the ways the puli puli change colours with the weather, especially at sunrise and sunset. “The sand hills I paint are my mother’s story and the rocks I paint are my own story. My paintings are about my story and my mother’s…I like to paint; painting helps me forget my troubles. I paint every day. My Grandmother used to say to me when I was younger: “One day you will paint.”

The artist is paid royalties for every metre printed.
Keturah is a member of Ikuntji Artists, Haasts Bluff, Northern Territory, Australian (Etsy won’t accept that as the location, so we wrote Alice Springs).

Fabric care instructions: Dry clean


0.5 m, 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m, 2.5 m, 3 m


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