Serena Bag – Manme (Bush Foods) – Ladies Collaboration

Small, lightweight and very handy bag that can be worn off the shoulder or cross body. She’s big enough to hold everything you need such as phone, purse/wallet, keys and more. She’s also slim enough to wear inside a coat or under clothing.

Feature fabric designed by Merrill Girrabul, Priscilla Badari, Lynne Nadjowh, Audrey Nadjowh (dec) of Injalak Arts in Gunbalanya, West Arnhem Land, NT. Hand printed at the art centre.

The internal compartment is fully lined. Externally there are two pockets secured with zips and each one goes to the depth of the bag.
This Serena features a design by four Aboriginal women artists from Injalak Arts in Gunbalanya in the Northern Territory of Australia. It has been made in different colors.
The fabric was hand-printed in the community art centre by Aboriginal printers and then beautifully crafted by our fair trade partners, in Cambodia. Kravan House was a pioneer social enterprise in Phnom Penh and has been training and employing disabled artisans since 2003.
H: 25 cm (10 inch)
W: 21 cm (6 inch)
Fabric: Linen/cotton or cotton (depending on color). Lining and matching fabric is cotton.

Design Story: Manme (Bush Foods)

Kunwinjku people of West Arnhem Land refer to the bush as their “supermarket” containing everything from staple foods to snacks, medicines to raw materials. This design celebrates manme (plant foods). Bordering the design are two hairy tubers which are carbohydrate staples, karrbarda (‘long yam’, Dioscorea transversa) and mankinjdjek (‘cheeky yam’, Dioscorea bulbifera). Mankinjdjek must be leached before cooking in a loosely woven djerrh (dilly bag) in running water. Arnhem Land abounds in fruits especially in the “build-up” and early wet seasons. The round fruits shown here are mankurndalh (‘black plum’, Vitex glabrata) and mandak (‘milky plum’, Persoonia falcata). Many fruits are also used medicinally, including manngukmanj (cheesefruit tree, Morinda citrifolia), the large lumpy fruits in this design. The clover-like shape in this design is the open seed pod of mankarralarlhmanj (peanut tree, Sterculia quadrifida) filled with tasty and nourishing nuts.

Limited Edition: All our products are made in small batches as all the fabrics are handprinted and taken to Cambodia in limited quantities; usually 2 metres or less. Only a small number of Serena bags were made from these fabrics. Please note that each bag is unique and the placement of the fabric design is different and wonderful on each one.


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