Juliette Bag – Rockholes – Alice Nampitjinpa Dixon


Elegant shoulder/cross-body bag with adjustable strap. It has three external pockets secured by zips and with beautiful detailing including piping along sides and oval base that the bag sits on. Inside it is fully lined and with another zip pocket and an open pocket.
Feature fabric is designed by Alice Nampitjinpa Dixon of Kaltjiti Artists, Haasts Bluff, Central Australia

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Also known as the ‘double zipper bag’ for it’s two handy external pockets on the front. There’s also another good-sized zip pocket on the back. Fully lined, this gorgeous bag features handprinted fabric. The complementary fabric is handwoven cotton/silk.

W: 35 cm (13.75 inches)/ H: 36 cm (14 inches)/ D: 9 cm (3.5 inches)

The fabric was hand-printed by bespoke hand printers Publisher Textiles in Sydney. It was then taken to Cambodia and  beautifully crafted into a bag by our fair trade partner, Villageworks. Villageworks is a social enterprise that employs, trains and supports disabled artisans.

Limited Edition: All our products are made in small batches as all the fabrics are handprinted in very limited quantities, sometimes no more than 2 metres. We also sell this fabric in lengths.
Please note that each bag is unique and the placement of the fabric design is different and wonderful on each item.

More information about the design:

Fabric Designer: Alice Nampitjinpa Dixon (passed away 2020). Royalties for printing her design on fabric will now go to her family.

Alice was a Luritja and Pintupi artist; born in 1943 near Talaalpi: country east of Walungurru on the Western Australia / Northern Territory border. Alice is an established artist who has exhibited widely around Australia and the world. Her late father was one of the original Papunya Tula painters. Prior to painting, Alice worked for many years at the Kintore School teaching the young girls dancing and the traditions of the desert people. Alice remains an active “dancing woman” who travels widely to participate in annual ceremonies and “Women’s Law” meetings. She was a lead singer in the Sydney 2000 Oympics. Alice’s personal Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) is Tjilkamata – the porcupine. Her story is told in bright colours often utilising orange and yellow to mirror the ochres that are used in ceremonial body painting. In her Tjukurrpa story there is often the porcupine scurrying about rock holes and hiding places looking for tucker while nearby the women are themselves hunting, laying in wait for the porcupine

Art story: Tjilkamata Rockhole

This is the story of Tjilkamata – the porcupine man. He is travelling around Talaalpi, West of Kintore and is looking for ants. He digs for them in the ground and creates holes. Meanwhile tracking behind him are women out hunting, hoping to make the porcupine their tucker for the evening. These holes fill with water after the rain and with the morning dew. Over many years they have become rockholes.

This work is the story of Alice’s personal Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) – the porcupine (Tjilkamata). The setting is the rockholes in and around the swamp of Talaalpi in Western Australia.

Art centre: Ikuntji Artists is located in Haasts Bluff community, which is 230km west of Alice Springs, in the West MacDonnell Ranges. Ikuntji Artists was the first art centre established for women of the Western Desert art movement. Ikuntji Artists has many internationally renowned artists, who are represented in galleries and institutions around the world. Their art is famous for bold colour choice, decisive brush strokes, and rich cultural storytelling.

This beautiful fabric has been featured in a Magpie Goose clothing collection in 2020.


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