Frida Bag – Burarr (Water Goanna) – Gabriel Maralngurra


Elegant yet strong and generously sized, this tote-style bag with classic lines showcases the Aboriginal designed and hand-printed feature fabric beautifully. You will love the quality!

Fabric designed by: Gabriel Maralngurra and hand printed at Injalak Arts in Gunbalanya, West Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia

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h: 35 cm (14 inch)
w: 40 cm (16 inch)
d: 11 cm (4.5 inch)

Fabric and color: the base cloth of the printed fabric is orange cotton canvas and the print is off-white. The matching fabric is orange. The lining color is as shown.


  • Zip closure
  • Fully lined
  • Internal pockets (one with zip)
  • Can hold itself upright
  • Handles securely attached
  • Can hold a 13 inch laptop and A4 files easily
  • Gusset at the base
  • Limited Edition (only 2 made)
  • Fabric hand printed in Australia
  • Made by A.N.D. Fair Trade Cambodia

How was it made?
The fabric was hand-printed by Aboriginal printers in the remote community Gunbalanya (Oenpelli) then beautifully crafted by our fair trade partners in Cambodia.
Note: The placement and color variation of the fabric design is unique and special on every bag

Fabric Designer: Gabriel Maralngurra
Artist Gabriel has been one of the driving forces of Injalak Arts since its beginnings as an Adult Education course in screen-printing in 1986. An accomplished artist, Gabriel has many skills including painting, screenprinting on tshirts, posters and fabric.

The design:
Burarr (Varanus mertensi or water goanna) is frequently found in West Arnhem Land. It lives in proximity to freshwater creeks, waterholes and springs and these reptiles spend a lot of time in water. Kunwinjku people eat the meat and the fat and the best way to hunt them is with djalakirradj (three-pronged spears). This design depicts burarr with many of the elements in its diet. There are kordbolbok (frogs), djalangkarridjdjalangkarridj (dragonflies), karlkki (tadpoles), bulukkurri (freshwater eels), beddem (glassfish, Ambassis spp.) and wakih (Leptopalaemon gagadjui or freshwater shrimp). They are shown swimming amongst mandem (water lilies, Nymphaea spp.). The design is executed with Gabriel’s flair for composition and calligraphic linework, that perfectly captures the fluid muscular movements of burrar.

Injalak Arts is a non-profit, fully Aboriginal owned arts corporation located Gunbalanya in West Arnhem Land in remote Australia. The 300 members make beautiful arts and crafts. Their print workshop is busy with new screenprinted fabrics being created daily. They have an extraordinary 47 different fabric designs all created by the members and use lots of different base cloths (all natural fibres) and two teams of printers – men and women. Injalak Arts is registered as a charity in Australia.
Visit the Injalak Arts Etsy shop to see an amazing range of fabrics and other high quality authentic hand-made products:


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