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Cushion Cover – 40 cm (16 inch) – Conch Shells – Ellarose Savage


A sea inspired design from beautiful Erub Island in the Torres Strait. Ellarose is a talented multi-disciplinary artist who can turn her hand to ceramics, painting, sculpture and fabric design.

Square cushion cover with hand printed fabric on front. Zipper closure

Fabric designer: Ellarose Savage from Erub Arts, Darnley Island, Torres Strait in Queensland. The fabric was hand printed in the community.

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Fabric: printed cotton (front) and unprinted cotton (back)
Color: the base cloth is dark blue and the inks are caramel and cream. The back of the cushion is black.

Purchasing items made from hand-printed fabric supports Aboriginal artists (who get a royalty) and also creates a livelihood for the printers and sewers.
Please note that each cushion is unique and the placement of the design is different and wonderful on each item. The fabric was made into cushion covers by Mrs Pichreay our fair trade partner in Cambodia.

The designer: Ellarose Savage

The design: Conch Shells
Diving is an activity that continues today and is a source of inspiration for some artists particularly the women. Ellarose Savage discusses her first-hand
experience. ‘My inspiration is mainly based on my father’s diving history. He has been a pearl diver and trochus. Myself and my two sisters we have been diving with our father. The reef
inspires me.’ (Hamby, Kirk 2016)


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